DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE 20th Century Towers

Welcome to thetentativechef Lyrics DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE 20th Century Towers Lyrics, singer by DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE

We’ll correct collegiate mistakes,
A shower of formal ideals,
Completely soused, The hearts on our sleeves,
As they drowned we could hear them screaming,
Oh what a tragic way to see our final days.

I attempt to talk up the town:
The answers are in the arches of the 20th Century Towers and in
comfortable cars in motion.

And yet it still remains, this incessant refrain:
You’re just like the rest. Your restlessness
makes you lazy.

Keeping busy is just wasting time and I’ve wasted what little he gave me.
(All Around) I know the conscious choice was crystal clear,
too clear the slate of former years:
When I sang softly in your ear and tied these arms around you.



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