Welcome to thetentativechef Lyrics STRUNG OUT Here We Are Lyrics, singer by STRUNG OUT

Did we change the world?
Did we forge a better life?
Did we sell it all just to survive?
Did we become a world we tried so hard to destroy?
Did we betray our, our beating hearts?
We stood our ground now here we are
A little more wrecked than before, did we break a little more
All I know is one thing, that I’m not the same
Did we turn the tide, before we?re washed away?
Everything inside, we couldn?t say
Are we insanity, from all thats come to be?
Are we just versions of everything we see?
How did we ever come this far AND
Never really see any mistake … what we set out to be
when I am about to take my final breath
Will the world around me still know my name.
Mirrors and false confessions
Vanity and serpentine
We all make our own defenses from the things that always get us
in the end…



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